Tom Costello: Ian Goodnow for Windham 9 District

In 1968 Tim O’Connor ran for the Legislature, for the seat I was later elected to in 1996. Tim was 32 years old, a lawyer in town who had worked at 51 Putney Road.

He was elected. A more humane, dedicated, and skilled public servant has never again served us.

It is with the spirit of Tim in my mind that I endorse the candidacy of Ian Goodnow for the Legislature. Ian is also 32, and a lawyer who works in town at 51 Putney Road. Ian has the sense of justice, the commitment to the people, and the skill to resolve difficult problems that were the hallmarks of Tim O’Connor.

I heartily endorse Ian Goodnow for election as Representative of Windham District 9 in Brattleboro.

Tom Costello (Brattleboro Reformer)