About Ian

Ian grew up in Essex, Vermont. As an alternative to law school, he read the law under Attorney Thomas Costello and successfully completed the Vermont Law Office Study Program in 2022. He currently practices law at Costello, Valente, and Gentry, P.C., in Brattleboro, where he focuses on criminal defense, civil litigation, and family law. Ian graduated from the University of Vermont with undergraduate degrees in Russian Language and Political Science.

Ian recently completed his fourth year on the Brattleboro Selectboard, where he served as Chair for two years.  Ian also serves as a Justice of the Peace and in that position serves as an election official, wedding officiant and member of the Board of Civil authority.

Ian’s time on the Brattleboro Selectboard was defined by the pandemic and post pandemic years, a dynamic and difficult time for Brattleboro and Vermont. From his time on the Selectboard, Goodnow has seen that the housing crisis, wide economic disparity, and a stagnating workforce are intertwined issues that Brattleboro is facing.

His campaign objective is to knock on every door in District 9, and to speak to as many of his neighbors as possible.

Ian & Ruth

Ian lives in Brattleboro with his wife, Ruth Shafer, of Newfane, VT. They met at the University of Vermont in 2011 and married on top of Mt. Mansfield in 2020. They enjoy hiking, going to the movies, and hosting parties in their backyard. They have a cute but headstrong cat named Valentina.