Brattleboro Reformer: Rep. Tristan Toleno endorses Ian Goodnow

[Rep. Tristan Toleno is] endorsing Ian Goodnow, attorney and former Select Board chairman, whom he approached about the prospect of running after meeting at the American Legion. They also share a mentor in Tom Costello, former state representative and partner in the firm where Goodnow works, and talked at Select Board meetings when lawmakers were invited to talk about the town’s legislative agenda based on community and municipal government input. 

“I saw a grace and maturity in him,” Toleno said of Goodnow. “I thought this would be a good step for him.”

Toleno said he came away from “exploratory conversations with Goodnow “feeling the strength of his real deep passion for Brattleboro” and an interest in building on what he achieved for Brattleboro by shaping the future of Vermont. […]

Toleno plans to be part of Goodnow’s advisory team and show up when needed to help with the campaign.

“I think he’s wise beyond his years,” Toleno said. “He has great passion and drive, and a lot of humility. He’s not an Ian first kind of person. I really appreciated that too as I’ve gotten to know him better.”

Toleno described Goodnow as “a known quantity and known leadership to our community.”

“He will do the real work of getting out there talking to people,” Toleno said.

Goodnow’s stated campaign objective is “to knock on every door in District 9, and to speak to as many of his neighbors as possible.”

By Chris Mays, Brattleboro Reformer